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About us

We are the kind of people who just love the fresh air and nights under the starry skies. We are lovers of camping, hiking, fishing and similar enjoyable pastimes and you will probably find us in many stores which stack these kinds of items. In our travels we have met many like-minded people who had their own great stories to tell. We heard great stories and had some great laughs along the way and made many good friends too.

We decided it would be a great idea to do something we really love and not only share our love of what we do but also provide a service to many people. Because we often heard from camper friends that they have had to travel here and there to get the things they needed. We thought well why we don’t provide it all for them in one place on a store that they can simply go to and get everything they need by just clicking a button. Won’t that be nice!

This is how American Hiking Adventures was born.

Owning a business in these passionate Niches like Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting and Survival has meant that we are now able to really and truly embrace our love of the great outdoors. We get to talk to people who truly understand what we are talking about. Our conversations can go long into the night. As kids we grew up with the love of camping and had some of the best times of our lives whilst with friends and family camping, fishing and hiking. Having moved to the city for a short while we felt we were missing something. I am now introducing my kids to this great experience that I had whilst outdoors and they totally love it. We love to see the excitement on their faces. It make our day to share our passion with our children and their friends.

Enjoy the store and write us with any feedback.

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American Hiking Adventures Team